About Think Weiss

I make memes and write things. Sometimes, I try to make words rhyme that don’t. 😝

Opinions expressed on Think Weiss are my own and do not represent those of any organization or governing body.

Think Weiss began as a Facebook Page, which has amassed over 800 followers. Granted this following was largely the result of my taking advantage of Facebook's option to create a new page based on your profile, which causes all of your friends to "auto-like" and "auto-follow" it.  I feel lucky to have only lost a few "friends" after I did that. I’m still struggling on Twitter.

A play on the idiom "think twice", I settled on "Think Weiss" after a series of failed attempts to come up with a punny yet memorable title that included my last name. I still think "Weiss City" might have worked, but it was already taken.

My shtoyle usually has a decent level of insightfulness laced with just enough snark to keep people entertained and informed. Hopefully, my subscriber volume will reflect that one of these days.

Politically, I identify as a leftist. I say “leftist” because centrist Democrats have largely co-opted the term “progressive”, much like they did with “liberal”. I look forward to the day they try to co-opt “socialist”. Bernie Sanders is my hero, and I despise fascists.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife, Michelle.

I have a B.A. and an M.A. in Sociology and an A.S. in Computer Programming. There’s no need to ask if I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. If this endeavor is successful, maybe I won’t have to wonder about that anymore. 😁

With that in mind, I hope you’ll subscribe.

Credit to Ambra Weight and Ramon Gallegos for cartoonizing my head.

In solidarity,

Michael Weiss